My Projects


I host my own web and email servers using Arch Linux on Vultr cloud virtual machines.

I installed the OS, configured DNS records for web and email, configured static public IP networking, and configured the firewalls for both servers.

The web server serves pages using NGINX, hosts a MariaDB database, and supports both PHP7 and PHP8.

The email server is based on Postfix and Dovecot. It also uses openDMARC, openDKIM, SpamAssassin, RouncdCube, and PostfixAdmin. The email server has its own NGINX and MariaDB installations as well.

The mail server uses MTA-STS (mandatory TLS), Sender Policy Framework, and DomainKeys Identified Mail for security.

Both servers are regularly maintained, updated, and improved upon.


I am a member of Boise State University's Autonomous Robotic Systems team, which competes in the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition.

This semester, with the help of more senior teammates, I have been working on our robot's pathfinding code. The robot itself runs on ROS, which gives us a fair amount of boiler plate to start with.

I've been learning a lot about ROS, as well as the different pathfinding algorithms such as A* and Dijkstra's.


At Boise State University, I have taken Computer Science 2, Intro Systems Programming, and Intro to Version Control so far. These classes all had numerous assignments and projects that have allowed me to practice and apply what is taught in lecture.

I have implemented linked lists, double linked lists, and both breadth-first and depth-first searches.

This website was 100% hand made from scratch with only HTML and CSS, no frameworks or the like.

Front end work isn't my strong point by any means, but I know enough to get by.

FRC Robotics

All four years of high school I was a member of the school's FRC robotics team. In that time I served as both team vice president and software sub-team leader.
I wrote the majority of the code used by the team during my tenure. Most of it can still be found on my GitHub.


I have done some other minor stuff not listed here, check out my Github if you want to see everything.